About us

“ACELIN” was born out of the conviction that All kind of Gloves & Cricket Balls should and could be fashionable, innovative and affordable without compromising to one of these key elements as Technique, Reliability, Safety, Comfort and Design As we have constantly searched for ways to improve performance through technical innovation, today, “ACELIN” is one of Pakistan’s fastest growing manufacturing company and serving some of the best world known brands worldwide with its performance apparel products With the level of service, selection, presentation and professionalism, “ACELIN” continues to set the standard among the Gloves manufacturers.

As we have grown and improved over the years, we sincerely believe that our success is directly linked to the one thing that hasn’t changed over all these years; Our never ending drive to forge solid relationships with our customers and our employees.
The “ACELIN” Contact Team is here to listen to your requirements and to offer and advice an excellent service, whether your are looking for reliable sports clothing, male or female clothing that serves best.



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